1.17 snapshot Chaos Mode and Temporary Selfhosting

Ahoy Cubians!

As we wait for the official release of Minecraft 1.17 later this year, Cubic Worlds has recently activated Chaos Mode as we have some fun on the bleeding edge of vanilla snapshots! You can find more details on our Discord inside the #chaos-mode-info channel.

Just today we’ve updated to put ourselves on snapshot 21w14a, and at the same time, I’ve switched us over from using our main host into a temporary spell of hosting the server myself.

Given that we are only running a simple vanilla server with no plugins, the amount of lag being experienced over the past couple of weeks has raised my suspicions. This period of selfhosting will let us make a comparison so that I can better understand the situation.

So, with that in mind, make sure that you don’t use the play.cubicworlds.net shortcut to connect – use the new, temporary IP of

The 2020 Cubic Worlds Easter Egg Hunt!

For the next week in the Cubic Worlds you have the chance to earn some unique prizes by taking part in our traditional Easter Egg Hunt!  There’s only one real difference from previous years – this time, they seem to be cakes instead?…

Yes indeed, SmokeAndMirrors has adjusted the Lobby to be more festive by scattering 27 mini Easter treats around the place.  Some are in plain sight, but most of them will need some thorough exploration to locate!

To qualify for prizes at the end of the event, you should claim a chest inside the Lost and Found and store any eggs you find there.  To claim your chest, type /es, then right-click a sign while sneaking. That should let you edit your name onto the sign.  Easy.

If you have trouble claiming a chest, just ask me or SFMosquito and we’ll get you set up.

With the redesign comes a dedicated spawn location for Guests similar to what we had in Voxellia – and hopefully less confusing for newcomers.

The Hunt runs from 18:30 GMT today until Monday 20th April, so you have plenty of time to find all of those eggs!  Er… cakes!

Good luck!

Weekend Event 02/11 – Cooking With Gary 2!


Happy Galloween, everyone! I hope you get plenty of treats without too many tricks today!

As befits CW tradition, we hold our festivities on the weekend closest to the day – and that’s this coming weekend, even if all the spooks would have otherwise gone home by then. Puh… I reckon it’s their loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fun will start at around 19:15 GMT with a mystery warmup event (which, shock horror, won’t be Ghost Spleef this year). Make sure you stick around, because later on we’ll host the real deal…

:ghost: Cooking With Gary 2! :ghost:

Despite “the worst ratings in the history of cable television”, we somehow conned — ermh, persuaded those miserable, meddling TV producers to give us a second chance! Thanks to the limitless determination of our spectral friend SmokeAndMirrors, a new studio has been found and a brand new set of kitchens has been built. Join us and try to satisfy Gary’s unique appetite as you compete to “cook” the most of whatever “food” he asks for in each round!

And that’s not all…

:jack_o_lantern: Daily money will be buffed for the weekend! Throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you’ll find that /kit daily gives you double the usual Green Money – plus an Evil Money too!

:jack_o_lantern: Disguises, ho! Confusion and amusion everywhere as disguises get enabled throughout the weekend. Details on how to use them will be posted tomorrow once they’re activated! And yes, amusion is now a word. Totally didn’t steal it from Splarg’s ravings.

A note for our friends in the US – seems like your clocks are going back this weekend (ours in the UK were already adjusted last weekend). So that you can know exactly when funtime starts, have a gander at this fancy countdown that should hopefully adjust to your time zone:

Cooking With Gary 2 @ Saturday 2nd November, 20:00 GMT – https://bit.ly/2N52fBU

Weekend Event 26/10 – Mystery Garyween Beta Test!


‘Tis nearly the season of orange when spooks abound and many things go bump in the night… but before that, perhaps you can help us NOT get spooked by unexpected bugs? Join us this weekend for some funsies in a playtest of an upcoming Galloween event!

Event: Mystery Garyween Beta Test!
Saturday 26th October
Time: 11:30 PDT / 14:30 EDT / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend Event 25/08 – Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament IX!


Spleef – the original Minecraft contest of skill!
The crunch of steel slicing through snow. Fearless parkour across an arena littered with holes. Is now the time to strike? Should you attack directly or make a feint and try to take your opponent by surprise? Or should you wait for them to come to you?…

This intense and tactical PvP contest isn’t just a minigame – it’s a way to prove your true mastery of the shovel and become the Cubic Worlds Spleef Champion of 2019!

Across all the competitions of years past, only four people have succeeded in claiming ultimate victory in masternoj’s legendary tournaments. Their names and the tournaments they won are:


Many have come close, but do you have what it takes to claim a crown for yourself? There’s only one way to find out…

Join us this Sunday 25th August at 20:00 GMT to take part!

Need to know exactly when that is in your time zone? Here, use this natty countdown timer!

See you there!

A Bunch of News for May

Greetings to you, gentle folk of Cubic Worlds!

It’s the start of May and I’ll shortly be getting to work on the weekend-long Egg Hunt for you all to enjoy.  Apologies again that it was late (real life sucks), but we got there eventually.  Hopefully the hunt will be as enjoyable as last year and the prizes will be shiny enough for your liking!

What else comes in May, though?  It’s a special month for our server, and I wanted to talk more about some things regarding the broader future of CW – the Minecraft 1.14 update, our 8th birthday, the Meepling appeal, and… other things.  Click below to read on!

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Eggcellent Easter Events – Saturday 20th to Tuesday 23rd April!


Ssshhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet… farmyards everywhere are finding themselves mysteriously short of eggs as a seasonal plague of pilfering rabbits sweeps across the Six Faces! Join us in Cubic Worlds over this coming Easter weekend for not one but two events including:

Build That Thing!
CW’s original and best competitive build-em-up is much as you remember it, though it’s ringing in some changes. Based on your past suggestions you’ll be able to enjoy a rebuilt hosting area that supports not 4, not even 6, but up to 8 players or teams at once – and with more potential builders at once, expect new types of round too!

Date: Saturday 20th April
Time: 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 BST / 20:00 CET

The Easter 2019 Egg Hunt
Following the tradition of the last couple of years, a portion of the Arcadia countryside has been claimed by mischievous rabbits where they’ve hidden away 25 eggs for you to hunt down. The more you find, the more special tokens you’ll receive to purchase a brand new selection of decorative heads. Missed last year’s hunt rewards? No problem – they’re returning too!

Date: Sunday 21st through to Tuesday 23rd April
Opening time: 06:00 PDT / 09:00 EDT / 13:00 GMT / 14:00 BST / 15:00 CET