Third time lucky for Capture the Tower!

Capture the Tower - Saturday 13th December, 18:00 GMT“Third time’s the charm!”

Another event that we’ve tried to run in the past has been Capture the Tower, a competitive PvP capture-the-flag style game created by Macpants. For various reasons things just haven’t worked out in the past, but now we hope to give it the proper outing that it deserves!

Join us on Saturday 13th December at around 18:00 GMT to take part in some sweet tower-capturing fun! As always, more information is on our forum in this ‘ere thread.

The first Stomp at the second try!

Stomp! - Friday 5th December and Sunday 7th December, 19:00 GMT“Ain’t no server downtime gonna stop the fish this time!”

Technical problems during October sadly meant we couldn’t host Stomp when we first advertised it, but we’re now finally able to announce that new dates have been set and you’ll be able to fishslap your enemies on two days over this coming weekend – Friday 5th and Sunday 7th at around 19:00 GMT!

Hope you’ll join us there for a PvP event that is guaranteed to be unique! Learn more on the official thread on our forum.