Bust the Beacon returns!

This weekend’s event will bring back a long lost favourite: Bust the Beacon!

Two teams will battle it out in the dead of night to be the first to destroy their enemy’s radio tower. Mine clay to defend your base, sneak through the trenches, and sabotage the enemy before they know what’s hit them!

Gear will be provided for you at the start of the battle. Intelligence suggests that the forces of both RED and BLU will be preparing for the operation on Saturday 24th October at 18:00 GMT sharp, so don’t be late, soldier! For more details, check out the forum post here.

Birch vs. Spruce: The Leafening

Skyblock Wars - Saturday 17th October, 18:00 GMTIt’s been a while since we last had any action on the fabled floating battlefield of the Skyblock Wars. Fortunately, though, you needn’t wait much longer to get your fix of sapling-stealing!

Houses Birch and Spruce are once again mustering their forces, and you can fight under their banners this coming Saturday 17th October. War will begin at the magic time of around 18:00 GMT.

Hope to see you there!