And we’re back!

Nitrous Networks

After checking what options were available to us from a number of different hosts, we have decided to give Nitrous Networks a try. Transferring our files and getting set up was about as painless as I could have hoped, and although it’s early days I am optimistic that we will have a good future ahead.

Our new server IP is:

If you have any feedback about the move – good or bad, either is fine – then post about it on this thread on our forum.

8 thoughts on “And we’re back!”

      1. I’m posting whatever information Nitrous make available on the forum thread I linked above. If anything new happens while I am online, I will put it there and on our IRC.

        1. Before the server was maitenenced, I could have made a fortune on nether wart.

          If u need farming help tell me!

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