Cubic Worlds to seek new hosting

Unfortunately there have been some happenings lately that mean the server will be looking for a new host. I want to thank that crazy monkey Monkz for supporting us over the last few months, but it’s time for us to find a new provider to fuel our Minecrafting.

Regrettably there will be a rollback taking place before normal service resumes, though while a new host is found, I’ll put the server up in Anarchy Mode for everyone to have fun with – this will probably happen some time tomorrow.

For the full details on the server downtime and host change, read this thread on the forum. Thanks for your patience and understanding – Cubic Worlds will return soon!


  1. Hey zoylx, it’s me wiimaster. So I just wanna leave a note about this, it’s kinda crazy about the no applications taken thing and you might have heard about my friend cael, well she is very desperate of me becoming a member so at least just allow us to post applications. If you get a chance to reply do it by email, just wanted to let you know about this. Bye!

  2. I understand it’s frustrating that we aren’t accepting new Members at the moment. However, I hope that we will open applications again before this coming weekend, so stay tuned to the forum. Meanwhile please do feel free to explore the server and check out some of its amazing builds!

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