Discord is a tool that combines rich text chat with completely optional Mumble-like voice comms, and you can access it either through your web browser or by downloading a client program which offers some extra functionality. Our Discord and Minecraft servers are linked so that you chat with anyone online without having to log in to the game! Handy, eh?

Click here to join the Cubic Worlds Discord!

To avoid confusion, please use your Minecraft name as your nickname when you connect.

You can find the downloadable Discord client on its homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I join Discord, do I suddenly start hearing voicechat immediately?
A: Nope! By default you will not be joined to any of the voice channels, only the text chat channels. To join a voice channel you first need to click the appropriate room name on the left hand channel list. As always, voice chat is optional, so there is no pressure to use it if you don’t want to.

Q: Are voice chat rooms moderated?
A: We expect players using voice chat to follow the same rules that apply throughout Cubic Worlds. Although staff may not always be present in voice rooms, you should let a staffer know if you encounter a problem so we can take action.

Q: Can I find out who is connected to Minecraft from within Discord?
Yes – just type “playerlist” (without the quotes) and the bot will tell you who is in-game.

Q: My internet connection has data caps. Does Discord use much data?
A: Discord’s basic functionality shouldn’t use significantly more data than a pure text chat service like IRC. However, Discord’s default behaviour is to automatically download and show images or video thumbnails in-line when they are posted as links or uploaded. This obviously uses extra data, but can be turned off in your personal settings to conserve bandwidth.

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