Meepling, the server mascot, has a message!Meepling!

First, he would like to thank you for playing on the Cubic Worlds server and for being part of our growing friendly community.  What he actually said was “Meep, MEEEEP meep!” – but I’m fairly sure that’s what he meant.  Everyone is very welcome – and indeed encouraged – to log on to the server and enjoy everything its community offers completely free of charge.  Cubic Worlds is not run to make a profit, so there is no obligation or incentive for you to donate in order to continue enjoying the server.  Everything will remain free and without limitation – for the foreseeable future at least!

If you really enjoy your time on the server, though, Meepling wanted to say that it’s possible to express your thanks by making a donation to support the server (and related services).  Here are a few things that your donation may contribute towards:

  • The Cubic Worlds Minecraft server
  • The webspace that hosts Cubic Worlds and the Minecraft Museum
  • Persuading the server Op, Zolyx, that he isn’t completely evil

“Do I get anything for my donation?”

Apart from a warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’ve made a contribution, at present there are no in-game benefits to making a donation.  This is to ensure that the server is kept as balanced and equal as possible, and that there is no feeling of “elitism” between players.

Every donation is listed on the server’s Wiki, though, and if you want your name to appear next to your donation amount, simply add a note on the Paypal page before you send your payment.  Please keep in mind that It may take a day or two for your donation to be listed.

Making a donation

Making a donation is easy – just click the Donate button below! Due to fees and currency conversion, we respectfully ask that you make your donation a minimum of £1 (GBP) or $1.50 (USD).

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