Reminder: Change your MC password

Heartbleed logoThere was a widely-publicised internet bug discovered recently called “Heartbleed“, and many websites and services have been affected by it.

After the discovery of the bug, Mojang have recommended that all players should change the password for their Minecraft or Mojang accounts. (See this page for details.)

You can do this quickly and simply, depending on what type of account you use:

Thanks for your patience and attention to this matter.

Weekend Events for Saturday 12th April

Capture the Tower - Saturday 12th April, 20:00 GMT

This weekend Macpants will be hosting a bout of Capture the Tower in the hope we can get a proper match played! You can join the action tomorrow at around 20:00 GMT. Check out the forum thread for the full lowdown.

That’s not all, either – I’ll be hosting a few events as a warmup to keep people entertained as we head toward the main attraction. It might be The DROP, or some form of spleef, or even a mini-buildathalon – the only way to know for sure is to drop into the server from around 18:30 GMT onwards!

See you there, fellow Cubians!

CW News – April edition



A few things relating to the Cubic Worlds server and community have been tweaked recently, and one very important change is planned to happen this month. I wanted to let you know what’s going on and give you fair warning, so that nothing you’ve built on the server will be lost without your knowledge.

The full newsletter can be found after the break.

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Monday Event – Capture the Tower!

Steves of Cubic Worlds, prepare yourself and your teammates for the coming battle!

Using only the equipment you are given before the contest begins, you must capture all of your team’s coloured wool from the clutches of the enemy, whilst at the same time preventing them from doing the same! A unique multi-layered arena awaits your heroics, and even includes the most devious of obstacles, a cactus maze

The action will start at around 20:00 GMT on Monday the 31st of April. For a full description of the event, rules, and signups, check out the thread on our forum. Good luck, warriors!

Weekend Event – Leaf Spleef Tournament

Leaf Spleef Tournament - Saturday 29th March, 21:00 GMTOne of our server’s trademark events is going to be held this coming weekend, except with new rules like you’ve never seen before!  Leaf Spleef is returning after a long break and the more players, the merrier things will be.

Who will be crowned champion of the first tournament held under the new Voxellian rules?  There are crazy, unique prizes to be won! Learn more about the event, the rules, and how to join in, by checking out the event thread on our forum.

The tournament will run from 19:00 to 21:00 GMT this coming Saturday, the 29th of March.  Hope to see you there!

Welcome to the new Cubic Worlds homepage!

We’ve switched our address and levelled up the marmots powering things in the background!  To make sure it’s easy for people to keep track of recent news – and to let CW staff to keep you informed without typing things twice – posts are now mirrored both here on the main homepage and in the special “Front Page News” part of the forum.

I’ll be doing some work over the coming days to make sure the homepage design is as good as I can get it.  Who knows, it might even include some colours

What’s that?  You wanted black and white everywhere?  Nope, colours are where it’s at, sorry.  “Soon!”

Zzzz… *fnsrgl* What? Oh, hi!

Although our blog is not updated very frequently, Cubic Worlds is most definitely still active and you can keep on eye on recent happenings in our forum. We recently completed a move away from our previous host Nitrous Networks and want to thank them for their overall very good quality hosting, but a more flexible option has presented itself which we are now making use of.

The server address has changed and you can connect using – if that shortcut somehow doesn’t work, you can also use our direct IP which is now

We’re making plans for how we will handle to update to Minecraft 1.7, but it looks like any changes are still a few weeks away due to the usual delays in waiting for Bukkit to update.

Happy Minecrafting!

Finally we’re on 1.5!

cw15It’s taken over two months but Cubic Worlds has finally updated to Minecraft 1.5! I promise that there will never be such a huge delay in updating ever again. 😀

Players can now enjoy the new Ore Nether, accessible through a portal near the arrival point in the freshly recycled Ore world. Grab some of that quartz while it’s hot…

See you in Avalon, fellow Steves!

And we’re back!

Nitrous Networks

After checking what options were available to us from a number of different hosts, we have decided to give Nitrous Networks a try. Transferring our files and getting set up was about as painless as I could have hoped, and although it’s early days I am optimistic that we will have a good future ahead.

Our new server IP is:

If you have any feedback about the move – good or bad, either is fine – then post about it on this thread on our forum.

Cubic Worlds to seek new hosting

Unfortunately there have been some happenings lately that mean the server will be looking for a new host. I want to thank that crazy monkey Monkz for supporting us over the last few months, but it’s time for us to find a new provider to fuel our Minecrafting.

Regrettably there will be a rollback taking place before normal service resumes, though while a new host is found, I’ll put the server up in Anarchy Mode for everyone to have fun with – this will probably happen some time tomorrow.

For the full details on the server downtime and host change, read this thread on the forum. Thanks for your patience and understanding – Cubic Worlds will return soon!