Cubic Worlds to seek new hosting

Unfortunately there have been some happenings lately that mean the server will be looking for a new host. I want to thank that crazy monkey Monkz for supporting us over the last few months, but it’s time for us to find a new provider to fuel our Minecrafting.

Regrettably there will be a rollback taking place before normal service resumes, though while a new host is found, I’ll put the server up in Anarchy Mode for everyone to have fun with – this will probably happen some time tomorrow.

For the full details on the server downtime and host change, read this thread on the forum. Thanks for your patience and understanding – Cubic Worlds will return soon!

February, a month of change

The Ville at SunriseQuite a few changes have happened on the server over the past week, so if you’ve missed any of what’s gone on so far, here’s an update to summarise it all!

Pixellia, our first ever world in the early days of Minecraft Beta, has been removed to free some space on the server after a poll was held to decide its fate. If you are interested to visit Greenview, still the largest city created on the server, you can download Pixellia and its Nether to tinker with by visiting this thread on the forum.

Players are now able to request book duplicates – if you are the author of the book, simply talk to any Moderator and, for a small fee of 25 Kubes per copy, your work will be magically cloned.

Wither fights have been made more challenging – the summoning room in Cubic City has been removed, and Withers can now only be created in the Ore world. Also, while Members can now summon their own Withers, they must wait a short period before creating another.

Another poll has decided that the value of diamonds on the server should be fixed at 100 Kubes to give traders a “diamond standard” to base their prices on. This price will be adjusted over time as needed, and is in the process of being enforced. Full details are through this link.

Remember, if anything changes on the server, it’s announced at the Spawn Point on our forum first and foremost, so be sure to check it regularly.

Bukkit update and recent lag

Event Horizon at nightBukkit released their first Recommended Build in quite a while today, and the server and its plugins are about to update. Yay for bugfixes! We will be switching to Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0 in just a few minutes. If you haven’t already, you should update your Minecraft client to 1.4.7 to take advantage of the bug fixes it offers.

Downtime should only take around 15 minutes, but in the meantime, stay tuned to the forum and our IRC channel while the update takes place for any additional information. Thanks for your patience!

On a related note, we are aware that the server has been lagging and crashing somewhat more often than usual and are looking into possible causes. It is our hope that this update will be a step in the right direction, but further actions are planned to make sure your time in Cubic Worlds is smooth and trouble-free.

Anarchy Mode draws to a close

January AnarchyUnfortunately, last week, our main server had a fault with its hard drive and has been unconnectable ever since. Today, though, friend of the server kcband36 let us know that it’s fully functional again and ready for action. Huzzah!

Last week, to keep up morale, the server had been available on a temporary IP in “Anarchy Mode”, a period full of crazy happenings unlike anything you would normally see in the real Cubic Worlds. Although the downtime has been frustrating, it’s allowed staff to test out a few future additions to the server, and has given players the chance to mess around with WorldEdit and a lot of other commands which are usually reserved for Mods only. Fun times!

For the very latest news on any technical problems as they happen, visit the Server Status page on our forum.

Where’s my Bukkit?

146updateThe server is temporarily down while we update to the newest beta of Bukkit for Minecraft 1.4.6. You can update your clients now and get ready to enjoy some weekend festivities that may or may not include some of the new features!

Cubic Worlds should become available again at around 12 noon, GMT. Stay tuned to our IRC channel for more details.

New to Cubic Worlds? Welcome!

Today I’ve posted an advert on which may lead a few of you to this page for more information. Welcome! On behalf of all the server’s staff, I hope you find us to be just the place you are looking for.

Over the time Cubic Worlds has been running our community has collected a lot of useful information on our wiki, “Wikicubia”, such as a list of in-game commands that Members have access to, and a list of ranks that are used on the server. Although it isn’t always 100% up to date it’s still an excellent place to browse.

For general discussion and the very latest news on the server, keep an eye on our Forum. The “Spawn Point” subforum contains the Member application thread and is where any server downtime notices are posted, and we also have other areas that deal with upcoming events, land claims, and lost item refund requests.

If you have a question that doesn’t seem to be covered anywhere, don’t hesitate to ask myself or one of our Staffers in-game, and we’ll be happy to help.