Chest shops are back!

A momentous day in the server’s history as we once again have a working chest shop system! Huzzah!

There are a couple of refinements from when we last had a working economy in the olden days of Pixellia. To try and keep things tidy and smooth and to prevent a shop explosion, prospective members should keep in mind that:

  • There is a 100 Kube setup fee per shop
  • Destroying a shop sign will refund you 75 Kubes
  • Shops may be only created in certain defined regions, currently either the trade tower in the western part of Cubic City, or in the public market at Nova.

I am still working to decide a fair pricing scheme to allow town owners to purchase a market region – more information on this will follow soon. Meanwhile, though, enjoy your shopping spree!

Cubic City to open this coming Saturday

The much-talked-about communal town has been named, located, and will soon be ready for everyone on the server to begin building in an attempt to recreate the glory days of our first world, Pixellia!

The opening will happen on Saturday 27th October at 13:30 GMT.

You are invited to join us and make it a special occasion worthy of our history books! Who knows what could happen? 😀

A new website!

Powered by the infernal cogs of WordPress, this is the new Cubic Worlds homepage which will hopefully be kept more up to date than the old one. 🙂

The server details in the sidebar have been updated, so you’ll no longer get directed to an offline server or some mysteriously alien place that doesn’t have our great community!

More content, including a gallery of interesting sites on the server, will be coming soon. Thanks for dropping by – see you in-game!