Weekend Event 15/07 – Skyblock Wars Classic

We’ve tried a few variations on the theme of this event, but for this weekend, we’ll be doing it oldschool-style with Skyblock Wars Classic! Come pick your side and fight for either House Birch or House Spruce. For glory!

Date: Saturday 15th July
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Register for the Official CW Spleef Tournament VII!

Six tournaments have been run… and only three people have ever claimed the prestigious title of Cubic Worlds Spleef Champion! Will one of the previous winners, masternoj or JakTheMad, reclaim their crown? Will the current holder, ali_zombie, again defeat everyone who dares to stand against him? Or will we see an entirely new victor?…

The time has come once again to pick up your spades / shovels (delete as appropriate) and watch your favourite training montage.  You’ll need to fight the hardest you can, because masternoj will be running the seventh official Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament very soon!

If you’re wanting to take part then you should visit this forum thread to see the rules, check the prizes, and find out how pre-register.

Barring accidents and acts of the Six Faces gods, the tournament will be held at 18:00 GMT on Sunday the 23rd of July – I look forward to seeing all of my fellow contenders there for a historic spleef battle!

Weekend Event 08/07 – Build That Thing!

This weekend’s event is so new it doesn’t even exist yet! Or did it simply wink out of existence many years ago, only to be remembered now? Either way, you’ll need to sharpen your perception, teamworking skills, and attention to detail as you take part in Build That Thing

Date: Saturday 8th July
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend Event 01/07 – Mini Buildoff Contest

We’re doing something a bit more relaxed and creative this weekend – it’s a Mini Buildoff Contest! You’ll have up to 90 minutes to unleash your imagination and build something (with Creative powers) that fits a mystery theme announced when the event begins. Everyone is guaranteed an award and prizes will scale to how well your entry fits the theme!

Date: Saturday 1st July
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend Event 24/06 – Leaf Spleef

Reports from the Far Lands suggest that demand for Witchgems is increasing across the Six Faces and that traders everywhere are making a tidy profit, but there are still those who suggest that their use in an arena sport is “inhumane”.  Surely it isn’t the fault of a small piece of black crystal if someone happens to land in a pool of searing lava?…

Date: Saturday 24th June
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend Event 17/06 – Bust the Beacon!

You may think that after the last fight, the war between RED and BLU might have finally been decided.  Let’s be honest, though – that’s never going to happen – once again your mission is to Bust the Beacon of the enemy team before they do the same to yours!  The battlefield is ready – are you?

See you there!

Date: Saturday 17th June
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend event 10/06 – The Many-hued Path!


It really is a Many-hued Path – an extremely long one!

The last few times this has been hosted I’m fairly sure that Dennis the Dicemonster has laughed at our failure to get anywhere near the end. We’re not going to stand for that, are we? Okay, true, the course is pretty massive – but we just need to focus! Let’s prove him wrong!

Date: Saturday 10th June
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend event – Ice Sumo!


​”How did Ice Sumo originate?”  That’s a question I’ve been asked many times*.  It’s a long story involving two fishermen, a frozen pond, a cake, and a really angry marmot.  At least, so I heard.  No-one quite seems to know exactly what happened, but all that matters is that we now have a truly noble sport of skill and physical prowess that is Ice Sumo!

* No-one has actually asked me this.  It’s almost like you don’t care. But it’s fine, really…  I don’t mind…

Date: Saturday 3rd June
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

See you there!

Official Spleef Tournament VI next weekend!

Steves and Alexes,

Summer is a great time to shovel your garden to make it look pretty, shovel at the beach to make a delightful sandcastle… or shovel anything from right under the feet of whoever stands against you!

Your host, masternoj, invites you to take part in the Sixth Official Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament, and see if you can claim the title held by legends of the server since its opening!

The tournament is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday 25th June at 18:00 GMT. If you’d like to take part, just visit the registration thread which covers all of the tournament rules and prizes – just post your Minecraft username there and you’re set!