Possible host change for Cubic Worlds

Huzzah, a non-event post – time for a story! 😃

Recently, S1D, a bot that we use to link chat between Minecraft and our Discord server, was failing to connect. S1D comes from a plugin that is part of the CW server, so he lives on the same “box” – a dedicated server rented from a German company called Hetzner. As it turns out, S1D wasn’t connecting because… well… Discord had banned it. *gasp*

Unfortunately we’ve been caught in the crossfire of a disagreement. Discord have told me that they are currently blocking all of Hetzner’s IP addresses “due to a lack of communication and improper use of abuse systems by Hetzner”. Sucks to be us, the legit users on a network infested with dodger geezers!

While I’m doing my part to get this sorted, the main reason I’m making this post is because the invoice for this month’s Hetzner rental is due – and I think you deserved the backstory as some explanation for the next point…

I’m not inclined to pay up until I know more about how long this swordfight is going to continue for. By ignoring the outstanding invoice I run the risk that Cubic Worlds will be spontaneously shut down at some point in the nearish future; it could be days away, or it could be tomorrow.

If this happens, I’ll self-host Cubic Worlds and search for another host we can use. I’ll be taking daily backups in the meantime so that if the worst comes to the worst, you won’t lose more than 24 hours of work.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Hopefully this warning will be a red herring, things will get sorted, and we can get back to normal – but stay tuned to our Discord server and check into the #Hetznergate channel for updates as they happen. 🙂

Update: S1D has been cleared of all charges and is back warm and sung inside our Discord. Emergency averted – no host change will be needed!

Weekend Event 09/09 – Pipe Dream

Another brand new event from the Cubic Worlds Designworks, this weekend we want to offer you anything and everything that you could possibly imagine! What’s that you say? “Sounds like just a Pipe Dream“? Well done, that’s exactly right!

Event: Pipe Dream
Date: Saturday 9th September
Time: 11:30 PDT / 14:30 EDT / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend Event 02/09 – Build That Thing!

There are Things here and you need to Build ’em, quick as you can! Join us this weekend for a slightly tweaked version of Z’s latest “not terrible” event.

Event: Build That Thing!
Date: Saturday 2nd September
Time: 11:30 PDT / 14:30 EDT / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

The Full Info
Following the first run of this event, you folks seemed to enjoy it but were frustrated at how you could lose points if someone in your team decided to be too trigger-happy with the “READY!” buzzer. In short, there was too much “Ermahgerd that was X’s job! X failed us!” :p

Although I personally enjoyed the chaos (because I am evil, after all), this time we’ll try something a little different that’ll maybe make that event a bit better for everyone.

This time around, there will still be two teams – RED and BLU – but each round will be a 1v1 buildoff duel. The player who represents their team will change in each round to make sure that everyone in each team will get a chance to play. Meanwhile, the players who are sitting out will still be able to encourage their champion and point out any errors that need fixing.

Only the player who is building may buzz when they think they have Built That Thing – so they will have complete control over their fate in the round!

Weekend Event 26/08 – Dreambound

What… how did you get here? A moment ago, sleep – and now a strange arena somewhere in a split reality! It seems that this weekend, the stars have aligned and you have been chosen to become Dreambound

Event: Dreambound
Date: Saturday 26th August
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend Event 12/08 – Leaf Spleef

Can you hear it?  That’s the sound of leaves being instantly vaporised as they hit the 1000C surface of molten despair. Erhm, lava, I meant lava.  No despair here! Everyone is super happy, safe in the knowledge that the leaves will protect them!

Event: Leaf Spleef
Date: Saturday 12th August
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Weekend Events – PSTIM #15 and Spleef Tournament VII!

A double whammy of events this weekend – on Saturday we have PSTIM #15: Robocraft edition, warming us up for the main event on Sunday… the seventh Official Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament! It’s going to be a fun weekend!

= PSTIM #15 =
Date: Saturday 22nd July
Time: 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST

= Official Spleef Tournament VII =
Date: Sunday 23rd July
Time: 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST

Weekend Event 15/07 – Skyblock Wars Classic

We’ve tried a few variations on the theme of this event, but for this weekend, we’ll be doing it oldschool-style with Skyblock Wars Classic! Come pick your side and fight for either House Birch or House Spruce. For glory!

Date: Saturday 15th July
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST