Weekend event – Ice Sumo!


​”How did Ice Sumo originate?”  That’s a question I’ve been asked many times*.  It’s a long story involving two fishermen, a frozen pond, a cake, and a really angry marmot.  At least, so I heard.  No-one quite seems to know exactly what happened, but all that matters is that we now have a truly noble sport of skill and physical prowess that is Ice Sumo!

* No-one has actually asked me this.  It’s almost like you don’t care. But it’s fine, really…  I don’t mind…

Date: Saturday 3rd June
Time: 11:30 PST / 14:30 EST / 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

See you there!

Official Spleef Tournament VI next weekend!

Steves and Alexes,

Summer is a great time to shovel your garden to make it look pretty, shovel at the beach to make a delightful sandcastle… or shovel anything from right under the feet of whoever stands against you!

Your host, masternoj, invites you to take part in the Sixth Official Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament, and see if you can claim the title held by legends of the server since its opening!

The tournament is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday 25th June at 18:00 GMT. If you’d like to take part, just visit the registration thread which covers all of the tournament rules and prizes – just post your Minecraft username there and you’re set!


More mcMMO testing and Leaf Spleef!


Yikes – I never wanted the gaps between our testing of mcMMO to be so big, but the main technical hurdle is now fixed – we’re all set to press on with a second mcMMO test weekend, full steam ahead!

Visit the mcMMO subworld via a portal at the server’s spawn point and enjoy a completely blank world to see how far up the skill leaderboards you can climb! It’ll open today at 19:00 GMT. Last time it was Koads topping the total power levels, a fraction ahead of baba_zombie, with brianboling taking a respectable 3rd. Will it be you leading the pack this time?

As the weekend continues, be sure to post your ideas and feedback over on this forum thread. For example, what should we call this new frontier? If it was up to me it’d be called “Marmotia”, but somehow I think you’ve got way better names than that…

The weekend isn’t all about mcMMO – prize seekers might want to join in with some Leaf Spleef on Saturday 13th February at 19:00 GMT, as long as you’re willing to risk a scalding lava bath for your trouble!

Catch you over the weekend, Steves!

A Dazzing December in Cubic Worlds

Folks, let me tell you something. Without a drop of exaggeration, December is probably going to be one of the busiest months in our history! Ready to get excited? Then let’s kick things up a notch:

Dazzling December is nearly here!


Not one, not two, but four crazy announcements were made recently to explain our plans for next month! We’ve been in the doldrums a bit over the last six months, but with this much awesome happening in one place, why not check back and see what’s up?

You can learn all of the juicy details on the official Dazzling December thread on our forum, but here’s the basic gist of things:

  • Cubic Worlds is adding mcMMO! Testing will start on the weekend of 5th/6th December, with possibly more tests to follow before we officially open our brand new RPG sub-world!
  • Christmas Island will be returning to the server from December the 1st. Your favourite winter wonderland will of course be the home to our Secret Santa event starting shortly after the island opens!
  • There’ll be a marathon of events to get involved with, starting with a one week contest starting this very weekend for everyone to create and decorate their very own Christmas tree! Completed entries will be used to make sure Christmas Island is truly as festive as it can be.
  • Claim extra daily loot just by logging in during December with the Cubic Worlds advent calendar! Treats, trinkets, and treasures await. What will you get?

After the recent confirmation that Minecraft 1.9 won’t be out this year, there’s no need to be feel blue. Come spend some time with us in Cubic Worlds this December whether you’re a veteran Cubian or someone new to the server – everyone is welcome, and we’d be delighted to see you!

Here’s to a great month!

Bust the Beacon returns!

This weekend’s event will bring back a long lost favourite: Bust the Beacon!

Two teams will battle it out in the dead of night to be the first to destroy their enemy’s radio tower. Mine clay to defend your base, sneak through the trenches, and sabotage the enemy before they know what’s hit them!

Gear will be provided for you at the start of the battle. Intelligence suggests that the forces of both RED and BLU will be preparing for the operation on Saturday 24th October at 18:00 GMT sharp, so don’t be late, soldier! For more details, check out the forum post here.

Birch vs. Spruce: The Leafening

Skyblock Wars - Saturday 17th October, 18:00 GMTIt’s been a while since we last had any action on the fabled floating battlefield of the Skyblock Wars. Fortunately, though, you needn’t wait much longer to get your fix of sapling-stealing!

Houses Birch and Spruce are once again mustering their forces, and you can fight under their banners this coming Saturday 17th October. War will begin at the magic time of around 18:00 GMT.

Hope to see you there!

Leaf Spleef Practice and Tournament!

Have you played Voxellian-rules Leaf Spleef before? It’s a chaotic battle of wits against nature, a pit of lava, and your opponent! Come savour a trademark Cubic Worlds event and win ultra spiffy prizes.

Practice matches will be run this coming Saturday 25th July from about 18:00 GMT so that you can get a feel for how the whole thing works.

Then, on the following weekend of Saturday 1st August, the fifth official Leaf Spleef Tournament will be held at about 18:00 – if you want to claim the crown and write your legend into the server’s history, be sure to sign up on the forum thread!

An eventful weekend!

Coming up this weekend in Cubic Worlds we have a variety of marvellous events for you to take part in!

Kicking things off on Friday 10th July will be Shortay2012 with her Shoot-a-Mob event. If you think you’re a good archeryperson, come and prove it to see how many mobs you can shoot! The planned start time is at 18:00 GMT.

Following right after that is a Duelling Tournament in Heward’s 1 vs. 1 PvP arena. Gear will be supplied, so no need to bring your own – the swords should start swinging at around 19:00 GMT and I’ll be on hand to referee and keep the tournament brackets updated if needed.

Then, on Saturday 18th July, the return of some traditional spleef action – masternoj will be hosting the Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament V! It’s your chance to get your name on the rolls of history and claim one of the most hotly contested titles on the server. Prepare your shovels and sign up on this thread of the forum if you possibly can to reserve your space, or just turn up on the day to take part if there’s room in the brackets.

See you there!

Hark! A birthday approaches!

Cubic Worlds turns 4 this weekend! Party!Well would you look at that – it seems that this month marks the server’s birthday! Wowzers! The image says it all, really…

Such a landmark naturally deserves some celebration and events to go with it! I’m pleased to say that alongside the piles of cake, there’ll be an event running the likes of which hasn’t been seen before! Or at least, not in a very long time. 😀

Besides other things, one event of the evening will be Whack-a-Meep, a family-friendly game of hockey using our good friend Meepling as the puck! This should start at around 18:30 GMT on Saturday.

But truth be told, this weekend only marks the start of things – be sure to stay tuned here and on the forum for more details over the coming days, as there’ll be more to take your attention!

Many stuffs this weekend!

The Chess Tournament lobbyThis weekend sees that start of not just one but two events! There’s something for everyone, as long as you have a calculating mind and steady hands…

Kicking things off on 14th March is the beginnning of Kanzaki_Nao’s Chess Tournament – although signups are now closed, you can still cheer the players on as the tournament unfolds. Plan for checkmate and see the full match schedule on this thread of our forum.

Super Build Contest 2: Marble Division - 15th - 28th March

Opening to everyone on 15th March and running for two weeks is the Super Build Contest 2: Marble Division, brainchild of OminousFire! Throwing the typical building contest on its head, you must carefully sculpt an interesting design from one of the pristine marble-quartz pillars. The twist? You can’t place blocks, so you’ll have to work around any mistakes! Again, the full details are on our forum.

Good luck and have fun!