An eventful weekend!

Coming up this weekend in Cubic Worlds we have a variety of marvellous events for you to take part in!

Kicking things off on Friday 10th July will be Shortay2012 with her Shoot-a-Mob event. If you think you’re a good archeryperson, come and prove it to see how many mobs you can shoot! The planned start time is at 18:00 GMT.

Following right after that is a Duelling Tournament in Heward’s 1 vs. 1 PvP arena. Gear will be supplied, so no need to bring your own – the swords should start swinging at around 19:00 GMT and I’ll be on hand to referee and keep the tournament brackets updated if needed.

Then, on Saturday 18th July, the return of some traditional spleef action – masternoj will be hosting the Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament V! It’s your chance to get your name on the rolls of history and claim one of the most hotly contested titles on the server. Prepare your shovels and sign up on this thread of the forum if you possibly can to reserve your space, or just turn up on the day to take part if there’s room in the brackets.

See you there!

Hark! A birthday approaches!

Cubic Worlds turns 4 this weekend! Party!Well would you look at that – it seems that this month marks the server’s birthday! Wowzers! The image says it all, really…

Such a landmark naturally deserves some celebration and events to go with it! I’m pleased to say that alongside the piles of cake, there’ll be an event running the likes of which hasn’t been seen before! Or at least, not in a very long time. 😀

Besides other things, one event of the evening will be Whack-a-Meep, a family-friendly game of hockey using our good friend Meepling as the puck! This should start at around 18:30 GMT on Saturday.

But truth be told, this weekend only marks the start of things – be sure to stay tuned here and on the forum for more details over the coming days, as there’ll be more to take your attention!

Many stuffs this weekend!

The Chess Tournament lobbyThis weekend sees that start of not just one but two events! There’s something for everyone, as long as you have a calculating mind and steady hands…

Kicking things off on 14th March is the beginnning of Kanzaki_Nao’s Chess Tournament – although signups are now closed, you can still cheer the players on as the tournament unfolds. Plan for checkmate and see the full match schedule on this thread of our forum.

Super Build Contest 2: Marble Division - 15th - 28th March

Opening to everyone on 15th March and running for two weeks is the Super Build Contest 2: Marble Division, brainchild of OminousFire! Throwing the typical building contest on its head, you must carefully sculpt an interesting design from one of the pristine marble-quartz pillars. The twist? You can’t place blocks, so you’ll have to work around any mistakes! Again, the full details are on our forum.

Good luck and have fun!

Planned forum maintenance

[​IMG]Our XenForo-based forum is quite a number of updates behind the most recent version and I want to update us so that we’re secure and have all of the shiniest features available. I’ll be doing some maintenance work this coming Thursday 12th March starting at around 10:00 GMT, and the forum is likely to be unavailable during the work.

Downtime should hopefully be no longer than a couple of hours. You’ll still be able to tune into our IRC channel to chat with folks on the server and to get updates on how the forum work is going.

Thanks for your patience!

Cubic Worlds finally updates to 1.8

O.OIt’s been a long ol’ while but I’m glad to announce that Cubic Worlds has finally updated to support Minecraft 1.8! Please enjoy the juicy new features under the benevolent supervision of our new bunny overlords. Many yays echoed around the land. 😀

We’ve spent the last few days giving it a proper “live test” and no serious problems have been found – thanks to everyone for braving the limbo! Our 1.8 status is now confirmed and we should not need to roll back.

2Σ θ88Voxellia seems to be holding it’s breath for something, though – I wonder what it might be?…

Third time lucky for Capture the Tower!

Capture the Tower - Saturday 13th December, 18:00 GMT“Third time’s the charm!”

Another event that we’ve tried to run in the past has been Capture the Tower, a competitive PvP capture-the-flag style game created by Macpants. For various reasons things just haven’t worked out in the past, but now we hope to give it the proper outing that it deserves!

Join us on Saturday 13th December at around 18:00 GMT to take part in some sweet tower-capturing fun! As always, more information is on our forum in this ‘ere thread.

The first Stomp at the second try!

Stomp! - Friday 5th December and Sunday 7th December, 19:00 GMT“Ain’t no server downtime gonna stop the fish this time!”

Technical problems during October sadly meant we couldn’t host Stomp when we first advertised it, but we’re now finally able to announce that new dates have been set and you’ll be able to fishslap your enemies on two days over this coming weekend – Friday 5th and Sunday 7th at around 19:00 GMT!

Hope you’ll join us there for a PvP event that is guaranteed to be unique! Learn more on the official thread on our forum.

Christmas Island now open

This year’s Christmas Island, a stunningly beautiful winter holiday paradise, is now open for all players on the server to explore! Several hidden secrets and easter eggs (or should that be Christmas eggs?) are scattered around the snowy landscape. How many can you find?

All of the info you’ll ever need about the island, including how to get there, can be found on this thread in our forum. Enjoy!

CW will return later today!

CW is still alive! Keep calm and think of marmots...After much hand-wringing, wailing, raging, and general despair, I’m very happy to say that Cubic Worlds will be back online later today!

The downtime over the past month was due to our previous host, HostBlaze, being bought out by MCProHosting. I hope that we’ll be running smoothly again as we head towards a holiday season that’s full of cake, marmots, creepers, and most importantly, cubes!

One important note: Please remove the server’s old address from your Minecraft bookmarks. It’s under new ownership and is most definitely not family safe.

Our new addresses are:

  • IP:
  • Shortcut:

Thank you all for your patience! See you online soon, and meanwhile, join our IRC channel for news on the cutting edge.​

PSTIM #5 and Stomp!

Stomp! - Friday 3rd October and Sunday 5th October, 19:00 GMTGet your enchanted kippers out of the fridge and prepare yourselves for the craziest PvP event you’ve ever seen!

In Stomp you must fishslap your enemies before they do the same to you – become the last man standing in one of four masterfully built arenas! Magical fish not enough to get the job done? There’s more weird and wonderful equipment that you can take three picks from to help you become king of the hill, so join us on Friday 3rd October and Sunday 5th October at around 19:00 GMT to take part!

Also coming up during this week and over the weekend is PSTIM #5 where we’ll be playing Prop Hunt in Garry’s Mod. The server will be up for a test session on Thursday 2nd October at around 19:00 GMT, with two main events happening on Saturday 4th October at 09:00 and 18:00 GMT.