Register for the Official CW Spleef Tournament VII!

Six tournaments have been run… and only three people have ever claimed the prestigious title of Cubic Worlds Spleef Champion! Will one of the previous winners, masternoj or JakTheMad, reclaim their crown? Will the current holder, ali_zombie, again defeat everyone who dares to stand against him? Or will we see an entirely new victor?…

The time has come once again to pick up your spades / shovels (delete as appropriate) and watch your favourite training montage.  You’ll need to fight the hardest you can, because masternoj will be running the seventh official Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament very soon!

If you’re wanting to take part then you should visit this forum thread to see the rules, check the prizes, and find out how pre-register.

Barring accidents and acts of the Six Faces gods, the tournament will be held at 18:00 GMT on Sunday the 23rd of July – I look forward to seeing all of my fellow contenders there for a historic spleef battle!

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