Join Us!

When you first connect to the server you will hold the rank of Guest and won’t be able to place or destroy blocks, though you’ll be free to explore and chat with other players for as long as you like.

To become a full Member and start building in Cubic Worlds, you just need to take a few minutes to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our forum and register an account there – use the “Log in or Sign up” link in the top right corner of the page to get started.
  2. Type your desired forum username.  Be sure to click the “No, create an account now” button next to “Do you already have an account?”, then click the “Sign up” button.
  3. Fill in the form that appears with your details and click the “Sign up” button again.
  4. Check the email address you registered with – within a few minutes, you should receive an email with a link you need to click to verify your new account.  Once you click the link you should find yourself back on the forum, logged in and ready to continue.
  5. Visit the “Apply to Join CW!” sub-forum and read the sticky post titled “How to Apply for Cubic Worlds Membership”.
  6. Use the links in that post first to browse the server’s rules, and then to create a new post with your application details.

That’s it!  Soon, one of our Moderators will check your application and give you Member status within the game.  Your adventure in Cubic Worlds starts here, and we hope you’ll have great fun!

Oh, and be sure to visit the forum every so often – you don’t need to become a regular poster, but keep in mind that it’s the first place where we advertise upcoming events, post news, or talk about other happenings on the server.  Sometimes our blog pages here aren’t always up to date, but the forum always will be!

We've got cubes and we're not afraid to use them!