A basic summary of the most important rules for playing on Cubic Worlds is listed below.

It’s highly recommended that you browse the full list of the server rules – and our privacy policy with regard to YouTube – given on our Wiki.  You’ll also find other helpful pages there,  such as the code of conduct that all of our staff members are expected to follow.

How to behave

  • Be friendly and respectful to other players.
  • Use English only in chat and don’t swear or talk about obscene subjects.
  • Asking about promotion is fine, but don’t ask to be promoted.
  • Have fun!

Playing the game

  • Do not x-ray or use other hacks that change movement or game mechanics.
  • Do not grief or steal from other players.
  • Do not build unlabelled deathtraps to try and kill other players.
  • Try to keep your builds in theme with the nearby surroundings.

The golden rule

Ignorance is no excuse – keep up to date with the rules at all times, and do your best to keep Cubic Worlds the great place it is so that everyone can have a happy Minecrafting time!

About our PG-rated experience

Cubic Worlds is a PG-rated server and this will mean different things to different people. To try and clarify our stance on various aspects of this, we have created a language policy which players should respect at all times.

We've got cubes and we're not afraid to use them!