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Birch vs. Spruce: The Leafening

Skyblock Wars - Saturday 17th October, 18:00 GMTIt’s been a while since we last had any action on the fabled floating battlefield of the Skyblock Wars. Fortunately, though, you needn’t wait much longer to get your fix of sapling-stealing!

Houses Birch and Spruce are once again mustering their forces, and you can fight under their banners this coming Saturday 17th October. War will begin at the magic time of around 18:00 GMT.

Hope to see you there!

Weekend Event, 28th June – Skyblock Wars and Citizen Day

‚ÄčSkyblock Wars - Saturday 28th June, 19:00 GMT“I never knew trees could start wars…”

In a parallel dimension, a small collection of islands floating amidst the void are engulfed in perpetual conflict. The great Order of Birch and the noble House Spruce seek to end once and for all their bitter feud. Whose side will you choose?

The leaves will start to fall at around 19:00 GMT on Saturday 28th June. Pick your side carefully…

But that’s not all! Following the Skyblock Wars event will be the server’s first official Citizen Day when some of our Members will be painted green and enjoy Citizenship under our recently revised rules. You can find a list of names due for promotion on this thread of our forum, and promotions will start happening at around 20:30 GMT and throughout the weekend for anyone on that list who can’t attend. Come celebrate the occasion with us – see you there!