Founded in May 2011, Cubic Worlds is a family-friendly Minecraft server where you can build co-operatively with others without any fear of griefing or hacking.  We pride ourselves on involving our community with every big decision the server takes, and we guarantee that players of all ages and skill levels will be made to feel welcome!

Why should you pay us a visit?

  • We value your time and want to give you every opportunity to build something epic.  Because we don’t change our main world unless it’s absolutely necessary to take advantage of new Minecraft features, you can build without a time limit.  Whenever we do eventually have to refresh our main world, all players have the choice of transferring their existing builds, however big they are.
  • A lot of servers live life in the fast lane.  We’re not like that; we take things easy.  Our goal is to offer a relaxing, hassle-free place for you to build and chat with family and friends.
  • If you want to plan out a build quickly or maybe try your hand at designing an event of your own, we have Creative-mode plots available in our New Horizon sub-world.
  • Our disposable Ore world is a great place to
  • On most weekends there are hand-crafted, human-hosted events where you can earn special tokens to trade for a variety of custom items.  We offer something to suit everyone – traditional Spleef, parkour gauntlets, Ice Sumo, Whack-a-Meep, STOMP, Many-hued Path, Bust the Beacon, and many others!
  • As well as our straightforward community Rules, we also have a specific Staff Policy that means our staffers can be held to account by our players – not just the other way around.

As far as gameplay goes, we try to keep the game as close to “vanilla” Minecraft as possible, though we have a selection of extra features that enhance and improve your online play whilst keeping your stuff safe and secure from troublemakers.

If you would like to become a Member, click here to learn how to join us!

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