Features and Commands

We’ve added many improvements over single-player Minecraft to make your stay in Cubic Worlds more fun and enjoyable!  This page tells you more about what we offer.

How to use chat and commands

Many features on the server work through “commands”.  They’re special pieces of text beginning with a forward slash “/” that you can type into Minecraft’s chat box in order to do something.  Other players won’t see these commands; they only affect you.

If you haven’t played on a multiplayer server before, you can press T to activate the chat box.  Type your message and then press Enter to send it to all online players.  Minecraft chat is also sent to the #cubicworlds Discord channel (and vice versa).

You can use commands in much the same way, but because all commands start with a forward slash, you might find it easier to just hit the / key instead of T – the chat box will automatically activate with a slash in it, so you can continue to type the command you want.

Helpful commands for new players

See who’s online
You can see who is currently connected to Cubic Worlds by holding down the Tab key.  You can also type /who or /list to get a list in your chat box – this also shows whether a player is currently AFK (away from keyboard).

Figure out where you are
To see your position within the current world, type /getpos.  This shows your XYZ coordinates.  You can also check which direction you’re facing by using the /compass command.

Get a kit of starter items
If you type /kit starter you’ll be given a set of basic iron armour and tools to get yourself up and running.  Handy!  You can claim this kit once every 2 days.

Teleports and portals

As you explore the world you’ll find places that you might want to visit regularly; your base, a friend’s build site, or maybe that really tall mountain you spent ages climbing!  You can set up to 3 home locations using the command /sethome MyHome (the “MyHome” part can be any name you like).  To return to that location later, just type /home MyHome.  You can see a list of your homes by just typing /home, and if you need to delete a home to make room for another, use /delhome MyHome.

Calling other players
Want to work with your friend but they’re half-way across the world?  You can use the /tpa PlayerName command (“TelePort Ask”) to request that they let you teleport to them.  The /call PlayerName command does the same thing, if you find it easier to remember.  You can also use /tpahere PlayerName to instead request that a player should teleport to you.  If someone has sent you a teleport request then you can type /tpaccept or /tpdeny to accept or cancel it.  Friendly tip: Remember that it’s considered rude to constantly request teleports without asking in chat first!

Returning to spawn
You can return to the server’s Lobby at any time.  Just use the /spawn command and you’ll be whisked away in a jiffy!

Features - Portal TowerPortals
The Lobby contains several teleports to other worlds and popular locations.  From spawn, run straight ahead and down the stairs – you’ll see a room that has several alcoves with glowstone teleport pads in them.  Simply run over the glowstone in the appropriate teleport booth.


Sending and replying to whispers / private messages
If you just want to talk with one other player without the whole server seeing it, you can send a whisper to them by using the /w command like so: /w PlayerName Hey, how’s it going?  If a player has sent you a whisper, you can reply to it with the /r command by typing /r I’m great thanks!  One important note about sending replies with /r is that your reply will be sent to the player who whispered you last, so watch out if you are talking privately with more than one player at once.

Sending and reading mail
You might want to send a message to a player who is currently offline.  This can be done by sending them mail with the /mail command, like this: /mail send PlayerName I’ve got those quartz blocks you wanted.  If someone has sent you a mail then you’ll see a message after you log in like the one in the picture.  To read your mail you can type /mail read and they’ll be shown in the chat box.  To get rid of the messages in your mailbox, type /mail clear.

Locking doors and containers

Creating and removing locks
Cubic Worlds allows you to place locks on some types of blocks and entities in order to keep their contents safe.  To begin with, any chest, furnace, or dispenser that you place in the world will be automatically protected so that only you can access it.  However, to lock things like doors, signs, item frames, or armour stands, you’ll need to use the command /lock and then punch the thing you want to protect.  You should see a message in the chat box that your lock was successfully added.  If you want to remove a lock, type /unlock instead, and punch the item.

Adding and removing other players from a lock
You may want to share a chest with one or more friends – well, no problem, it’s super easy!  Just type /cmodify PlayerName and then punch the locked item that you want them to be able to access.  In much the same way, if you’d like to stop another player from accessing a lock, you can remove them from it by putting a minus sign before their name, like so: /cmodify -PlayerName

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