For most of the time, Cubic Worlds has four player ranks and two staff ranks.

Player ranks

Guests will be made to feel welcome as they explore and learn about the server.  They can use chat to talk with other players, but they can’t place or destroy blocks or use many of our features.  While Guests can take part in some events that don’t need block placing or breaking, they won’t receive any prizes until they have applied to join the server and become a Member.

Members have access to the all of the features that the server offers.  They can place and destroy blocks, make land claims, claim a daily login bonus, and may receive prizes for taking part in weekend events.

Citizens are players who have been active on the server for at least 3 months and who have built, or helped to build, at least one project of reasonable size during that time.  Citizens have some small perks such as a green-coloured name and the ability to write coloured signs; they’re also able to mute or kick troublemakers if there are no staffers available.

Elders are retired staff members and they’re granted the same perks that Citizens have.  As an ex-staffer, Elders are still allowed to carry and wield a banhammer to help keep the peace, though only when no Mods or Ops are around.

Staff ranks

Mods are long-standing players who are trusted to follow the Staff Policy and use a variety of extra powers to help Cubic Worlds run smoothly.  They can promote Guests to Members after they apply to join, deal with reports of rulebreaking posted in the Courtroom, build new official events, set up land claim regions, refund items lost due to lag, glitches, or bugs, and do other admin tasks.

Ops are the people who use their reality-bending powers to do very boring things that annoy all of the server’s players.  There are currently two Ops: Zolyx, the Evil Op, a treant who pays to keep the lights on and handles what he darkly calls “the paperwork”, and SFMosquito, the Spectral Op, whose ethereal form is in charge of official event design and prize balancing.

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