Arcadia launches at 7pm GMT, 19/01/19!

Arcadia, the fifth main world in our server’s long history, will be opening this Saturday 19th January at around 19:00 GMT!

You’ll be able to explore the server’s new lobby that gives you access to a variety of services like the prize vendors, Admin Shop, and Lost & Found, amongst many others.  Here are the teasers that have been released so far in our Discord – click them to see the full 1440p images:

As for Arcadia itself, well… you’ll just have to pay a visit and find out for yourself!

While nothing else major is planned this weekend (the launch itself will be enough for me!), assuming that everything runs smoothly over the following days we will have a grand Arcadian celebration party on the following weekend, Saturday 26th January. There will be lots of cake, of that you can be sure, and perhaps even a Citizenisation or two!

A huge thank you to everyone for being patient through all of the troubles we’ve suffered over the last… well, may as well call it a year at this rate. Although we’ve always been a community to keep in the slow lane, this was a dark time that I hope will be firmly put behind us.

See you there!

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