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A few things relating to the Cubic Worlds server and community have been tweaked recently, and one very important change is planned to happen this month. I wanted to let you know what’s going on and give you fair warning, so that nothing you’ve built on the server will be lost without your knowledge.

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Avalon will close on Saturday 19th April
Cubic Worlds was given a brand new main world, Voxellia, following our update to 1.7. Since then we’ve been running both Voxellia and Avalon side-by-side to allow players to move builds they can’t bear to leave behind. Since some builds were quite large we’ve made use of a spell of self-hosting to let MCEdit handle the heavy lifting.

Now, though, a date has been set for Avalon’s closure. No more moves will be possible after that time. If you have items or property in Avalon that you would like to preserve and transfer into Voxellia, you are still able to do so, but you should make sure that you request your move before the closing date of the 19th of April.

Shortly after Avalon closes, a zip download of the world will be made available for anyone who wishes to explore the world in single-player or on their own server.

New domain name
Well, not exactly new since it’s been registered for ages – but all of the web stuff relating to Cubic Worlds has now been split from the Minecraft Museum and can be found at these shiny new addresses:

Server address:

The homepage has also been resurrected and revamped in an effort to keep folks better informed about what’s new on the server. Posts on the homepage are mirrored into a “Front Page News” section of the forum, and vice versa – comments / replies on news items are also mirrored. The new system is easier for staffers to use which should hopefully make sure that there are no more long gaps between news posts!

Landmark closed beta code giveaway
If you still enjoy sandbox gaming but feel that Minecraft is a bit “old hat” nowadays, you’ll perhaps be interested to hear about Landmark. It’s a voxel-based sandbox MMO being developed by Sony, and a few people within the Cubic Worlds community, including myself, are enjoying what we’ve experienced of it so far. The game has a ton of potential and I’d encourage you to take a look.

More info here:

There’s still a chance for you to get a free ticket into the beta! Anyone who is a member of Cubic Worlds is welcome to post a reply on the forum thread below to enter their name into the draw. 3 winners will be picked tomorrow evening at around 18:00 GMT “soon” and will each receive a key giving unlimited closed beta access.

The “Landmark giveaway raffle thing” thread is right here:

Events in Cubic Worlds
I wanted to finish this newsletter off by saying that I know the server hasn’t been running regular events lately, and it’s on my list to try and fix that. Just last weekend we kicked off with a Leaf Spleef tournament, the first in many months, played under crazy new rules which are a far cry from the game you thought you knew so well! It’s my hope that we can get back to having at least one event every weekend, with fun and prizes that are worth the time of taking part.

Cubic Worlds is lucky enough to have a really imaginative group of members and within the next month or two I also want to finalise some way of letting everyone – not just staffers – work on event-related builds so that we can expand what we can host. This is being planned along with a couple other things – to make Event Horizon nicer-looking and more accessible, and to make better use of our homepage and Steam group – so that events will be well-advertised and become a central part of weekends on the server.

Until next time…
I hope that this newsletter finds you well and thanks for taking the time to read it all. Whether or not you are still one of our Minecraft regulars, I wish you safe travels and hope to catch you around soon!

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