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Greetings and happy Easter!

Due to technical difficulties, the first CW newsletter sent out at the beginning of the month didn’t quite go as planned and many of you are likely to have not received it at all. If you did get it and are now wondering why there’s another so soon – well, don’t worry, I don’t intend to make this more frequent than once every month or two after this!

(You can read the earlier newsletter here, if you’re curious.)

Read on after the break for the juicy info!

Last call! Avalon will close on Saturday 26th April
Cubic Worlds was given a brand new main world, Voxellia, following our update to 1.7. Since then we’ve been running both Voxellia and Avalon side-by-side to allow players to move builds they can’t bear to leave behind. Since some builds were quite large we’ve made use of a spell of self-hosting to let MCEdit handle the heavy lifting.

Now, finally, a date has been set for Avalon’s closure. No moves will be possible after that time. If you have items or property in Avalon that you would like to preserve and transfer into Voxellia, you are still able to do so, but you should make sure that you request your move before the closing date of the 26th of April.

Shortly after Avalon closes, a zip download of the world will be made available for anyone who wishes to explore the world in single-player or on their own server. But before then…

A new host for Cubic Worlds (yep, another one)
As I mentioned, CW has been running on my PC and home internet connection for the last couple of months to allow for things to get moved to the new world most efficiently. This isn’t ideal for ensuring a lag-free experience during events, though, and I want Avalon’s farewell party to go as smoothly as possible.

The move to the new host will happen on Thursday 24th April, time enough for folks to request last-minute property moves from Avalon, and a day or so to “bed in” to our new home before the weekend. I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be the end of lag – for a while at least!

Although the server’s IP will change, if you use the shortcut you should avoid most of the disruption during the host move. I recommend switching to it if you haven’t already, but if you prefer to use the IP for any reason, I’ll be sure to include it prominently on our homepage and forum to minimise any confusion.

Three years later – birthday incoming!

Has it really been that long? Crivens. If that isn’t a reason to throw a bit of a shindig then I don’t know what is! The Cubic Worlds third birthday officially falls on the 7th of May, but since that’s a Wednesday, the official celebration will be held across the following weekend (the 10th and 11th).

If you’re reading this then, at some time or other, you’ll almost certainly have visited the server and contributed toward our incredible community. You may not be a regular visitor any more, or even have much interest in Minecraft – but I’d love your help to set a new official record for the most number of people we’ve had online!

To try and cater for both timezones, we’ll have two attempts – one at around 08:30 GMT, and one at 20:30 GMT, on Saturday 10th May. There will undoubtedly be events and crazy stuff happening through the entire weekend, so stay tuned to the forum closer to the time for more details! Who knows what might happen?…

Unsubscribing from CW News
The email version of this newsletter is sent to all opted-in registered users of the Cubic Worlds forum that are in good standing. If you don’t want to receive any further newsletters through email it’s very easy to unsubscribe:

  • You can adjust your forum mailing preferences by logging in with your forum account, clicking your username in the top right and then selecting “Contact Details” in the left hand menu under “Settings”. You can then change your messaging preferences.

Or, if you’ve forgotten your login details:

  • You can reply directly to the email version, putting “unsubscribe” in the subject or body of the email. I’ll do the rest for you.

Either way, apologies for any inconvenience – this newsletter is not intended to be spam.

Until next time…
No marmots were harmed during the production of this collection of words. To everyone who’s read this, old member or new, I wish you safe travels and hope to catch you on the server soon!

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