February, a month of change

The Ville at SunriseQuite a few changes have happened on the server over the past week, so if you’ve missed any of what’s gone on so far, here’s an update to summarise it all!

Pixellia, our first ever world in the early days of Minecraft Beta, has been removed to free some space on the server after a poll was held to decide its fate. If you are interested to visit Greenview, still the largest city created on the server, you can download Pixellia and its Nether to tinker with by visiting this thread on the forum.

Players are now able to request book duplicates Рif you are the author of the book, simply talk to any Moderator and, for a small fee of 25 Kubes per copy, your work will be magically cloned.

Wither fights have been made more challenging – the summoning room in Cubic City has been removed, and Withers can now only be created in the Ore world. Also, while Members can now summon their own Withers, they must wait a short period before creating another.

Another poll has decided that the value of diamonds on the server should be fixed at 100 Kubes to give traders a “diamond standard” to base their prices on. This price will be adjusted over time as needed, and is in the process of being enforced. Full details are through this link.

Remember, if anything changes on the server, it’s announced at the Spawn Point on our forum first and foremost, so be sure to check it regularly.

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