More mcMMO testing and Leaf Spleef!


Yikes – I never wanted the gaps between our testing of mcMMO to be so big, but the main technical hurdle is now fixed – we’re all set to press on with a second mcMMO test weekend, full steam ahead!

Visit the mcMMO subworld via a portal at the server’s spawn point and enjoy a completely blank world to see how far up the skill leaderboards you can climb! It’ll open today at 19:00 GMT. Last time it was Koads topping the total power levels, a fraction ahead of baba_zombie, with brianboling taking a respectable 3rd. Will it be you leading the pack this time?

As the weekend continues, be sure to post your ideas and feedback over on this forum thread. For example, what should we call this new frontier? If it was up to me it’d be called “Marmotia”, but somehow I think you’ve got way better names than that…

The weekend isn’t all about mcMMO – prize seekers might want to join in with some Leaf Spleef on Saturday 13th February at 19:00 GMT, as long as you’re willing to risk a scalding lava bath for your trouble!

Catch you over the weekend, Steves!


  1. I assume that the dynmap is showing the subworld under 'debugia'?

  2. That was a remnant of my testing during the week to make sure permissions still behaved on the live server as well as my local one. I'll get rid of it at some point – the new mcMMO world is Marmotia 🙂

  3. I am unlikely to continue my almost almost ruling of the leaderboard this weekend due to camping…so sad.

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