Improvements to CW based on your feedback

Cubic Worlds always wants to make sure that you enjoy your time on the server, and occasionally we run surveys to get feedback from players in order to decide what are the best improvements we should make.

The most recent of these polls* produced a very interesting result – over 100% of people who responded felt that the main problem with playing on Cubic Worlds was that it simply wasn’t classy enough:

Fortunately, after a great deal of work and several constructive teabreaks, I’m delighted to be able to let you know that Smoke and I have fixed this problem and you’ll be able to enjoy a properly posh CW very soon!

Thanks to everyone who voted – you did a wonderful job, and helped us to do the same, if we do say so ourselves!

* Sadly, due to problems with our forum, the original post for the poll has become unavailable – this screenshot was taken shortly after it ended.

Weekend Event 23/03 – Skyblock Wars Classic


“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”

Unfortunately, Sun Tzu never fought any battles over an infinite void, so his wisdom in that regard might be a bit flaky…

Event: Skyblock Wars Classic
Date: Saturday 23rd March
Time: 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT / 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET

Note: You fine people in the USA are probably on daylight savings time now, whereas the UK and Europe don’t put our clocks forward for another couple of weeks. Hopefully these times are right. Time zones are hard.

Weekend Event 16/02 – Dreambound


Zzzz… I dream… of emerald-green forests as far as the eye can see… of fluffy sheep… of a server that doesn’t crash… of all the Tesseract moves finally being done… of the infinite void… of unforgiving darknessssSSSSSAHHH oh eh wuzffblzat? Yes yes I guess we’ll do an event this weekend, now stop waking me up!

Event: Dreambound
 Saturday 16th February
Time: 10:30 PST / 13:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 CET

One last IP change to solve cross-server confusion!

Over the last few days, some new players have found their way to Cubic Worlds while expecting to reach a different server. This has lead to confusion and some mild unpleasantness – but it’s also lead to new knowledge, which is good for us in the long run!

After talking with the host, here’s what will be happening to keep us away from random joiners and finally make sure our connection info doesn’t need to change again:

After today’s daily server restart…
Our shortcut “” will temporarily be broken again!​
You’ll need to use the IP address to reach CW!
This address shouldn’t change again in the foreseeable future.​


Any links to our dynmap should be unaffected, but if they break, use instead.

Soon after… will be fixed and working again within about 48 hours. In the meantime though please keep in mind that it either won’t work at all, or at the worst case, it may point to somewhere that is not CW.

Apologies for the inconvenience, folks. I know this is always a hassle and I’d avoid it if I could. I won’t give you the long story of the background, but I’m confident there won’t be any more IP changes needed after today.

Arcadia launches at 7pm GMT, 19/01/19!

Arcadia, the fifth main world in our server’s long history, will be opening this Saturday 19th January at around 19:00 GMT!

You’ll be able to explore the server’s new lobby that gives you access to a variety of services like the prize vendors, Admin Shop, and Lost & Found, amongst many others.  Here are the teasers that have been released so far in our Discord – click them to see the full 1440p images:

As for Arcadia itself, well… you’ll just have to pay a visit and find out for yourself!

While nothing else major is planned this weekend (the launch itself will be enough for me!), assuming that everything runs smoothly over the following days we will have a grand Arcadian celebration party on the following weekend, Saturday 26th January. There will be lots of cake, of that you can be sure, and perhaps even a Citizenisation or two!

A huge thank you to everyone for being patient through all of the troubles we’ve suffered over the last… well, may as well call it a year at this rate. Although we’ve always been a community to keep in the slow lane, this was a dark time that I hope will be firmly put behind us.

See you there!

Weekend event 22/12 – Christmas Chaos Tournament – Snowball Stress!


I’d almost forgotten how I was supposed to advertise an event since we haven’t really had a proper one for so long. So… long…

This weekend we need people to stress out our new host by seeing who’s best at snowballing their opponent into submission. Come try out a simple but fun minigame in the Christmas Chaos Tournament!

Snowballing fun will remain enabled 24/7 in Chaos Mode over the holiday period.

Event: Christmas Chaos Tournament – Snowball Stress
 Saturday 22nd December
Time: 10:30 PST / 13:30 EST / 18:30 GMT / 19:30 CET

Note: These aren’t the same snowball fights you’ve had delightful inventory wipes from in times past. This one should be more fun and less obnoxious. Here’s hoping, at least!

Temporary closure of the Meepling Appeal

Some of you will know that Cubic Worlds has something called the “Meepling Appeal”, a fancy name for our donations page.  Anyone in our community can use it to make a contribution toward the server’s running costs.

Unlike many servers in the Minecraftverse, CW doesn’t have any donor perks – not even cosmetic ones – because I feel that anything of that sort makes an uneven playing field.  I want everyone to have the same gameplay experience without needing to spend money.  After all, there are enough online and even single-player games out there these days with obnoxious moneymaking schemes – cash shops here, microtransactions there.  I’d consider it an insult to deal with anything similar in Cubic Worlds.

A few people have noticed that the donation page was recently removed, and have asked me why that is.  It boils down to a simple reason with nothing sinister behind it – personally, I don’t feel comfortable in accepting donations while the server continues to perform poorly.

Our server plugin setup is being gradually brought towards what we’ll use for World 5, but after a week of self-hosting showed a noticeable improvement in reliability compared to Nodecraft, we’re currently searching for a new host with whom we can entrust our part of the Six Faces.  While a lot of hosts offer some kind of refund if you aren’t happy with their service, I can’t guarantee that some donation money wouldn’t be wasted during this trial-and-error search process.  For now I’d prefer to waste my own money, if necessary, rather than yours! 😉

The Meepling Appeal will reopen once we are running World 5 smoothly on our chosen new host and transfers from Tesseract are in progress.  Meanwhile, thank you all again for your patience and for staying a part of our little community through these troubles.  Happy Minecrafting!

Temporary self-hosting until Monday 17th

I'm on fiyyyaaahhhh

Ahoy Cubians!

In order to compare performance with Nodecraft, our current “real” host, Cubic Worlds will be on a different IP for the next week as I gather as much information as I can to decide what our best option is for launching World 5 as quickly as possible.

There have still been an irksome number of server fires over the last few weeks, so we’ll see if the crashes continue during self-hosting. If they do – well, something in the server setup is the problem. If not, we might need a new host.

Let’s see how it goes! You can connect to the server for the next week at the new IP:

Thanks for your patience. Happy Minecrafting!