At Cubic Worlds we want to try and make sure that your game experience is as good as it can be during your adventures, and to do this, we have a few simple rules that players and staffers are expected to follow while getting involved with our community.¬† Hopefully you’ll find that most of them boil down to simple common sense – we don’t want to spoil the game by being too stuffy or official, but at the same time, we need to guard against silly folks who only seek to cause trouble.

These apply to our Minecraft server, our PSTIM events, and all of our out-of-game meeting places like the forum or our Discord server.

How to behave

  • Be friendly and respectful to other players.
  • Use English only in chat and don’t swear or talk about obscene subjects. (See our language policy for details.)
  • Asking about promotion is fine, but don’t ask to be promoted.
  • Have fun!

Playing the game

  • Don’t grief or steal from other players.
  • Don’t use hacked clients to gain an unfair advantage over others.
  • Be respectful of locked doors and don’t break blocks to explore houses or buildings.
  • Don’t build unlabelled traps designed to kill or trap other players.
  • Try to keep your builds in theme with the nearby surroundings.

The golden rule

Ignorance is no excuse – keep up to date with the rules at all times, and do your best to keep Cubic Worlds the great place it is so that everyone can have a happy Minecrafting time!

Breaking the rules

If you break any of our rules then we will act as fairly as we can to protect the rest of our community. There are two pages you can read to learn more:

  • Our courtroom process is what we use to report and deal with any rulebreaking. Cases can also be appealed if the player involved feels there has been a mistake.
  • We try to keep our banhammers as a last resort, but in cases where it’s necessary, we use our Ban Length Guidelines to decide how long bans should last.

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