At Cubic Worlds we want to try and make sure that your experience is as good as it can be during your Minecraft adventures, and to do this, we have a few simple rules that players and staffers are expected to follow during their time on the server.

Hopefully you’ll find that most things here boil down to simple common sense. We don’t want to spoil the game by shoving rules down your throat, but at the same time, we have to guard against silly folks who only seek to cause trouble.

The rules here also apply to any non-Minecraft events organised by our community, such as those made through the Cubic Worlds Steam group.

While Chatting…
  • Be friendly and respectful to others.
  • Use English only, keep to PG-safe topics, and don’t swear. (Read our Chat and Language Policy to learn more.)
  • Sensitive chat topics (e.g. politics, religion, etc.) are best kept to the #offtopic channel of our Discord. Debate is welcome, but if things get rowdy then a Staffer may ask you to change the subject or continue a conversation through private messages.
  • Don’t repeatedly ask for promotion or try to curry favour with staffers. (Read our Ranks page for details of how we promote players.)
While Minecrafting…
  • No shenanigans. Don’t use hacks that harm other players or the server itself, and don’t steal from others or grief their builds.
  • No unlabelled traps. You must clearly warn players in advance if your build contains traps that may imprison or kill them.
  • Follow build themes. If you’re building in someone else’s claimed land, be sure to try and follow any theme that they might have.
  • Don’t strip-mine the main world. Use the Ore worlds instead! They’re made for just that purpose and are regularly deleted and remade to keep them full of shinies.
  • Have fun! We hope you can enjoy yourself here with like-minded people!
The Golden Rule

Be excellent to each other. We’re all here to have a good time playing Minecraft together so help us keep the server a fun, chill place that everyone can enjoy!

Breaking the Rules

If you break any of our rules then we will act as fairly as we can to protect the rest of our community. There are two pages you can read to learn more:

  • Our courtroom process is what we use to report and deal with any rulebreaking. Cases can also be appealed if the player involved feels there has been a mistake.
  • We try to keep our banhammers as a last resort, but in cases where it’s necessary, we use our Ban Length Guidelines to decide how long bans should last.

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