Courtroom Process

When the server rules are broken, a player or staffer may report the incident using the #courtroom channel on our Discord server. A similar report can be made if a player has a complaint against a staffer that they feel did not abide by the Staff Code of Conduct.

A staffer will check new reports usually within 24 hours after they are posted and make an appropriate ruling. Typical outcomes are:

  • If we feel a warning is needed, a staffer will give one.
  • Otherwise, if a warning is already in effect, a ban may follow.
  • Depending on the case, it may be that no action is needed.

For more information on how warnings work and how long bans can be for various offences, check the Warnings and Ban Lengths page on our wiki.

If the player involved (or one of their guardians) wants to discuss a ruling to add their side of the story then they’re welcome to do so. We’ll try to take everything into account fairly and we may adjust the ruling as a result. Keep in mind however that repeat offences or cases where we have very clear proof of wrongdoing are less likely to see any change in ruling.

All information that relates to a case of rulebreaking should be posted in public, and we reserve the right to use and repost any relevant private messages that may be made available. We understand that sometimes the players involved may not agree with this but we believe it’s better to have things out in the open rather than to hold discussions behind closed doors – we want to avoid inaccurate or incomplete reports that might lead to unfair rulings.

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