Temporary closure of the Meepling Appeal

Some of you will know that Cubic Worlds has something called the “Meepling Appeal”, a fancy name for our donations page.  Anyone in our community can use it to make a contribution toward the server’s running costs.

Unlike many servers in the Minecraftverse, CW doesn’t have any donor perks – not even cosmetic ones – because I feel that anything of that sort makes an uneven playing field.  I want everyone to have the same gameplay experience without needing to spend money.  After all, there are enough online and even single-player games out there these days with obnoxious moneymaking schemes – cash shops here, microtransactions there.  I’d consider it an insult to deal with anything similar in Cubic Worlds.

A few people have noticed that the donation page was recently removed, and have asked me why that is.  It boils down to a simple reason with nothing sinister behind it – personally, I don’t feel comfortable in accepting donations while the server continues to perform poorly.

Our server plugin setup is being gradually brought towards what we’ll use for World 5, but after a week of self-hosting showed a noticeable improvement in reliability compared to Nodecraft, we’re currently searching for a new host with whom we can entrust our part of the Six Faces.  While a lot of hosts offer some kind of refund if you aren’t happy with their service, I can’t guarantee that some donation money wouldn’t be wasted during this trial-and-error search process.  For now I’d prefer to waste my own money, if necessary, rather than yours! 😉

The Meepling Appeal will reopen once we are running World 5 smoothly on our chosen new host and transfers from Tesseract are in progress.  Meanwhile, thank you all again for your patience and for staying a part of our little community through these troubles.  Happy Minecrafting!

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