The 2020 Cubic Worlds Easter Egg Hunt!

For the next week in the Cubic Worlds you have the chance to earn some unique prizes by taking part in our traditional Easter Egg Hunt!  There’s only one real difference from previous years – this time, they seem to be cakes instead?…

Yes indeed, SmokeAndMirrors has adjusted the Lobby to be more festive by scattering 27 mini Easter treats around the place.  Some are in plain sight, but most of them will need some thorough exploration to locate!

To qualify for prizes at the end of the event, you should claim a chest inside the Lost and Found and store any eggs you find there.  To claim your chest, type /es, then right-click a sign while sneaking. That should let you edit your name onto the sign.  Easy.

If you have trouble claiming a chest, just ask me or SFMosquito and we’ll get you set up.

With the redesign comes a dedicated spawn location for Guests similar to what we had in Voxellia – and hopefully less confusing for newcomers.

The Hunt runs from 18:30 GMT today until Monday 20th April, so you have plenty of time to find all of those eggs!  Er… cakes!

Good luck!

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