Weekend Event 02/11 – Cooking With Gary 2!


Happy Galloween, everyone! I hope you get plenty of treats without too many tricks today!

As befits CW tradition, we hold our festivities on the weekend closest to the day – and that’s this coming weekend, even if all the spooks would have otherwise gone home by then. Puh… I reckon it’s their loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fun will start at around 19:15 GMT with a mystery warmup event (which, shock horror, won’t be Ghost Spleef this year). Make sure you stick around, because later on we’ll host the real deal…

:ghost: Cooking With Gary 2! :ghost:

Despite “the worst ratings in the history of cable television”, we somehow conned — ermh, persuaded those miserable, meddling TV producers to give us a second chance! Thanks to the limitless determination of our spectral friend SmokeAndMirrors, a new studio has been found and a brand new set of kitchens has been built. Join us and try to satisfy Gary’s unique appetite as you compete to “cook” the most of whatever “food” he asks for in each round!

And that’s not all…

:jack_o_lantern: Daily money will be buffed for the weekend! Throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you’ll find that /kit daily gives you double the usual Green Money – plus an Evil Money too!

:jack_o_lantern: Disguises, ho! Confusion and amusion everywhere as disguises get enabled throughout the weekend. Details on how to use them will be posted tomorrow once they’re activated! And yes, amusion is now a word. Totally didn’t steal it from Splarg’s ravings.

A note for our friends in the US – seems like your clocks are going back this weekend (ours in the UK were already adjusted last weekend). So that you can know exactly when funtime starts, have a gander at this fancy countdown that should hopefully adjust to your time zone:

Cooking With Gary 2 @ Saturday 2nd November, 20:00 GMT – https://bit.ly/2N52fBU

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