Weekend Event 25/08 – Cubic Worlds Spleef Tournament IX!


Spleef – the original Minecraft contest of skill!
The crunch of steel slicing through snow. Fearless parkour across an arena littered with holes. Is now the time to strike? Should you attack directly or make a feint and try to take your opponent by surprise? Or should you wait for them to come to you?…

This intense and tactical PvP contest isn’t just a minigame – it’s a way to prove your true mastery of the shovel and become the Cubic Worlds Spleef Champion of 2019!

Across all the competitions of years past, only four people have succeeded in claiming ultimate victory in masternoj’s legendary tournaments. Their names and the tournaments they won are:


Many have come close, but do you have what it takes to claim a crown for yourself? There’s only one way to find out…

Join us this Sunday 25th August at 20:00 GMT to take part!

Need to know exactly when that is in your time zone? Here, use this natty countdown timer!

See you there!

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