Welcome to the new Cubic Worlds homepage!

We’ve switched our address and levelled up the marmots powering things in the background!  To make sure it’s easy for people to keep track of recent news – and to let CW staff to keep you informed without typing things twice – posts are now mirrored both here on the main homepage and in the special “Front Page News” part of the forum.

I’ll be doing some work over the coming days to make sure the homepage design is as good as I can get it.  Who knows, it might even include some colours

What’s that?  You wanted black and white everywhere?  Nope, colours are where it’s at, sorry.  “Soon!”


  1. I approve of the new website layout. It's quite spiffy. :mrgreen:

  2. Oh my ba- *head explodes* we got a new homepage?

  3. Duplicated comments here and on the front page? Now I can say twice as much without saying anything more at all! :p

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